510 to EGO Adapter

With this adapter you are able to take any 510 threaded device and attach a EGO threaded unit onto it!

Price: $3.75

CE4 Drip Tip Adapter

With this adapter you can now use any 510 drip tip with your CE4 to give it a brand new custom look!

Price: $2.99

Vivi Nova Sleeves

Also known as “Vivi Cone” This sleeve is to make a more natural transition between the atomizer and the battery. Will work for any atomizer that has a flat bottom with the threads protruding from the bottom plate. (Don’t worry, if yours protrudes, you know it) Primarily the Vivi Nova and the Mini Vivi nova as well as the Protank and DCT’S. Comes in large and small. Small works great with the DCT’S and the Mini Vivi!!

Product Options
Combination of product variants is not available

Price: $2.50